The Guilford Community Fund exists to assist the Guilford community by providing a single entity through which donors can make contributions to support those non-profit organizations best qualified to serve Guilford residents in need. On average the Guilford Community Fund raises over $100,000 annually to help support these organizations.


The Guilford Community Fund was launched in the early 1950’s following the recommendation of the Guilford Chamber of Commerce that a consolidated fundraising event would help ensure that local non-profit agencies would receive appropriate financial support. That first year, a small group of more than 125 volunteers began the job of calling door –to -door on every family in town and raised the $19,850 needed to meet the financial requirements of the 16 organizations and services that would benefit from that year’s contributions.


Today, the Fund has grown to twenty volunteer board members and serves 22 non-profit service agencies. Although the Fund no longer solicits door-to-door, the needs of Guilford’s citizens and the goals and objectives of the Fund have not wavered over the years. The Fund’s all volunteer Board of Directors now meets regularly with member organizations to review their operations and raises funds only for shoreline organizations demonstrating a commitment and record of service in Guilford. These organizations provide vital services to Guilford and its residents of all ages from babies to senior citizens.

Because the Fund has no paid staff, no office and no telephone, we are able to keep our overhead expenses to a minimum, thereby ensuring that the donations we receive are distributed to our member agencies to the fullest extent possible. The Fund continues to thrive solely thanks to the ongoing generous financial support of Guilford citizens whether they are individuals, families or corporations. As in years past, the Fund will continue to serve as a centralized fundraising entity allowing donors to easily support the non-profit organizations that remain critical to the success and well-being of the Guilford community.

The Guilford Community Fund meets the first Wednesday of the month at the Guilford Community Center.  The Annual Meeting is held on the first Wednesday in June at 6:30 pm at the Guilford Library.  The public is welcome to the Annual Meeting.